January 14, 2011

Hello 2011!

The Pool area is SO fun! We are looking forward to having lot's of time to swim all year round. There are BBQ Pits and a hot tub, volleyball court, theatre room, pool. TONS of fun amenities to keep us busy
I'm hoping his hair will grown faster so that I don't have to worry about his head getting sunburned
He's loving all of the leaves on the ground. And now that he can walk around a little he loves to hear them crunch under his feet
He's growing so much everyday!
Knox is adjusting to his new surroundings nicely! And LOVES being outside in the nice weather
The car after the trip down to AZ. Gotta love Utah weather in January!


What better start to a brand new year than 70 degree weather in January, A new home, New surroundings and an endless amount of new opportunities at our fingertips. Knox is officially walking, and will be running by the time I finish this entry I'm sure. Mike will have started classes and completely absorbed himself into the life of a Graduate Student and I will be here writing this blog for lack of better things to do! Without friends, family or jobs what does a person do you ask? Here is where I am opening this up to the audience for suggestions.......

Knox of course keeps me busy. As most of you know he is the most loving, sweet, energetic child. Like his Mother. I couldn't ask for more and he is the joy of our lives. He is definitely missing the family and is slightly confused as to where all his other mommies went I think! lol. He's growing so rapidly these past few weeks. I'm glad that he can where shorts for most of the year. It will save me from buying pants for him every two weeks. He's starting to Jabber more and more and will be speaking in full sentences before we know it.

We've ventured out a bit with Mike's already limited free time. We found a dry cleaners, some cheap Chinese dives, a Target and a Manual Carwash. These of course being much of the essentials needed to keep our family happy. Peoria is actually quite convenient for just about anything. None of this, " Where the H is a grocery store" crap like DC. We are settling in nicely while still missing our once comfortable lives in the Salt City. We are still missing our puppy and the house but know they are being well looked after.

Mike is anxious to receive his schedule for the next three months so he knows what he's in for. He's so happy just to be back in school and continuing his growth and education though I highly doubt it will matter at all what his schedule ends up being. Fortunately, his job has allowed an adjustment for erratic schedules so i'm grateful that adjustments already been made. I'm so proud of him for following his dreams. He sets a great example for our family.

I plan on creating some fun things for me to focus on and make my time here productive. Stay tuned for more details on this. Im excited for my first trip back to Utah to do hair. I miss the salon and though i'm going to be SOOO Busy i'll want to die, I can't wait to see everyone! (AND play with the new Cricket! YES!)

Anyway- I'll post a few pictures of our time here so far. I plan on updating the blog at least once a week (Sundays) So you can check it for new updates, info and keep us updated on whats going on with all of you. I have felt very much out of the loop!